Maison Blanche


Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to feed you?

Yes please! We spend hours working on your day and making sure everything is perfect so we get hungry too! We are on our feet for the whole day. We usually will save our feasting until everyone is seated and eating their dinner, no one likes getting photographed eating anyways.

Do you charge taxes?

Yes. Like any other service providers, we are bound by the federal government to charges sales tax in the province in which we operate business. The sales tax that applies in your province or territory is generally applicable.

How should we plan our day?

Lighting and composition is not something that comes to mind when we first think of photography, but it’s part of our job to ensure that the day goes seamlessly. The more time you can schedule for photos during your day, the better the overall finished product will be. Remember that every detail will show on camera and that light is important. Don’t be weirded out if we ask you to move by a window when you’re getting your makeup done – this is how we get the best shots. Know that we will be like flies on the wall most of the time because we love to capture the in-between moments, but we can also help direct you if there are any "what do I do with my hands" moments. We know that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so we’re here to make you laugh and to create candid moments throughout the day. We also think you should plan for a window of time in the evening where we will more than likely ask you to sneak out for a golden hour session with just the two of you. It’s the perfect intimate moment right after you get married when you get to celebrate together and when the light is absolutely perfect. 

What time is best for taking portraits?

Ultimately, the light is not going to be something most couples have control over and we know that scheduling can't always line up with perfect light. Generally, taking photos at high noon or in early afternoon will mostly result in very contrasty harsh shadowed light, that being said we love challenges and some of our best work has come out of tough lighting situations. An easy way to remember is that the last 4-5 hours of light are the most optimal time for portraits. 

What about my uncle who’s also a photographer, can he take photos too?

We love when family members take up photography, however, when it comes to your wedding day, we are here to catch every little moment. Unfortunately whether you like it or not, a lot of guests with cameras or iPads can ruin end up being in the way of your beautiful photos. We get it, forcing your guests to refrain from taking photos isn't easy and we know that sometimes having that conversation with your uncle may end up offending him. We just ask that if they do want to take photos, that they wait until we've captured everything we need to before stepping in and snapping their shots. We know no two weddings are the same, but it makes our job so so much easier when people are actually present during your day and let us worry about capturing all the details. The best wedding ceremonies are always unplugged ceremonies!

What does a typical wedding day look like for you?

We usually start our day together and make our way to the first location where Sean will capture a few shots and then head to the second location, while Vee stays with the current party. We’re usually pretty chill and love to be apart of your day, so don’t be shy to ask questions because we’ve seen it all. Vee has fixed dresses, hair and has even built a flower arch for a ceremony, all while Sean was capturing the moments. We’re here to help and we’re on all the time to capture the best moments. We’ll follow you throughout the day and spend the most intimate moments with you, which makes our job so rewarding. We love to have fun with your family and friends and we’re always up for a good party. By the end of the day, everyone will think we're part of the family!

Do you take formal family portraits?

Yes! We know that a lot of people find the big posed family photos to be a downer, but honestly we love seeing families come together and unite, it's what weddings are all about right? We'll make sure to cover our butts and get some nice shots with your family and we promise we'll make it quick so you can get back to celebrating!

How do we book?

You just say the magic words! We generally require a 50% deposit to secure your date. This fee is non-refundable and it means that we will not entertain any other wedding request for that day. This helps protect us from a last-minute cancelation and any losses incurred from not being able to make a last minute re-booking. If you cancel your wedding in June as wedding season starts it's not easy finding a last minute couple to take the cancelled spot.  After signing the wedding contract, and payment has been made, you get a solid high five from us and it's now official!

Do you give out RAW or unedited files?

No! This is not a practice we endorse nor do many photographers we know. Our work involves so much more than a RAW file (essentially the digital negative), and our editing really brings our images to life and showcases our style/aesthetic. Taking the image is only half of the process behind a finished image. We would never give unedited or "unfinished" photos as they are not representative of our brand, but know that we always offer both high and low resolution images to our clients via our online gallery.  

Can I share my photos with family and friends?

Of course! We encourage you share your photos with friends and families and they can even purchase prints directly from our online delivery gallery. We do know that family can become a little over zealous with how they share the images and we just ask that they refrain from cropping, editing or adding any modifications or Instagram filters to the images as this is not representative of our work.

Can I use my wedding photos for commercial use like promoting a business?

Short answer, no. With your purchase we provide you with a limited print usage license to use with friends and family, but if you or any 3rd parties want to use the images for anything related to a business such as marketing or promotional use we require a separate usage license.  We totally understand why you would want to help your friends business, after all she helped with the flower arrangements on your day but like any other business, paying for marketing material is a pretty common business expense. If there are any vendors that worked on your wedding that are interested in using the images for their business, we just ask that they contact us first. We charge a very reasonable license fee to 3rd party vendors who use our images for their business.

How long until my wedding photos are delivered?

We try and deliver your images 6-8 weeks after your wedding. We work very hard to go through thousands of images and good work takes time. If you were fortunate enough to purchase a wedding album, those take a bit more time to receive as they need to be designed and sent off to our world-class print house in Kentucky. The turn around time from the albums can take anywheres from 3-4 weeks on top of the initial 6-8 week wait.