Maison Blanche

Our Story

This is who we are.


Oh, hi!

 We’re Sean and Vee. We’re the photographers, the two humans behind cameras and we’re also perpetual roommates. OK… we’re more than roommates. We’re in love and this is who we are.

We are probably two of the chilliest people you’ll ever meet. We’re both pretty down-to-earth and we live a somewhat simple life on Prince Edward Island, although we do often fly back to our second home, Toronto. This is where we met, where we fell in love and where this baby of a company was born: OUT OF LOVE, LITERALLY.

We combined our love of weddings (Vee, obviously!) and Sean’s love of capturing every moment in life (with over 10 years’ experience doing so, duh!) and made it our mission to offer something that was different and that resembled us too.


We are partners in life and we’re totally in this together. If we’re not shooting weddings, you can find us binge-watching The Office, adventuring and cuddling with our little nugget Hazel, or making super precise coffees with our Aeropress (it’s a science, okay?). We’re always up for travel and exploring and we’re at our most inspired in undiscovered environments. We’re the type of people that will drop EVERYTHING just to pet doggos on the sidewalk, we’re kinda obsessed with lobster rolls and hanging out at the Island’s red sand beaches (you’ll most likely find us there around 4.20 pm).

 We just don’t take each other too seriously and we’re so ready to go on this wild ride with yas! And don’t be weirded out if we end up being such good friends that you invite us over for slumber parties! ;)